Cookie the Christmas Cat

Available in paperback or as an ebook

Cookie is a beautiful, calico kitty. She has a lot of love to give if only she can find a forever home. She travels a long way to the North Pole to find Santa Clause in hopes of doing just that. Can Santa find Cookie her forever home?


I must give my daughter more credit with my writing career. Cookie's story came about through our nightly routine of reading books before going to bed way back when she was only 4 or 5 years old. My daughter loves kitty-cats and wanted one for her own. At the time we had two geriatric cats, and one pup in the prime of his life. We had as many pets as our little house could manage. So one day she found several stuffed kitties at a store that she wanted. They were all different colors. Her first was the calico whom she named, Cookie. One night during our bedtime reading ritual she professed that she wished Cookie was real. The synapses started to "spark" and a story was birthed in my head. I told her that Cookie, was in fact "real." The tale I told that night was not forgotten and can now be shared with other girls and boys in the book, Cookie the Christmas Cat.

I thought it was only appropriate that I ask my daughter to illustrate the book, which she did quite beautifully!

We also decided that we would make this a campaign of compassion for homeless pets. We decided to donate 100% of the profits from Cookie to organizations that take in and find homes for kitty-cats and puppy-dogs.

When you purchase Cookie the Christmas Cat you will be helping companion animals to find their forever homes.

For the ebook go to Amazon. For a paperback copy go to Createspace.


OVER $200 has been raised to find families for homeless pets!


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